What Instructors Should Know. 講師の心得

What Instructors Should Know.

【Eligibility of Instructors】

It is an eligible certificate“To appropriately passing on knowledge about Medical Aromatherapy to People and give advices how to make specific recipes introduced on JMAA textbooks.”

【What Self-Care, Mama & Child Self-Care, Self-Stress Care,Elderly Care and Caregiver Self-care Instructors CAN do?】

With those recipes introduced on JMAA textbooks, instructors can hold seminars, workshops, and other types of Self-Care courses.

【Medical Aromatherapy Recipes】

Medical Aromatherapy Recipes apply to those recipes additionally given or learned in JMAA and JMAA Chairman’s special seminars.

Those can basically be enjoyed by the self or within a Families.

Each Instructor must make recipes as they are described in the textbooks and with responsibility pass how to make those on to people.

(*Eligible to make recipes ONLY on JMAA textbooks for the third person on request.)

The certificate of instructors makes them “eligible for passing on Medical Aromatherapy Knowledge and how to make them as described on JMAA textbooks ONLY.”

NOTE: DO NOT easily try to diagnose or treat symptoms.

It is considered as a medical activity ONLY allowed by doctors and will lead to a legal arrest.

(*Eligible to provide an information on how to treat specific symptoms with Medical Aromatherapy.)

【Advises to Give to Others】

Inquire JMAA Adviser or above levels of members about components of essential oils and pharmacological effects that those possess.

【When Asked for an Advice】

Inquire JMAA Adviser or above levels of members.

【Items to be Supplied by Instructors】

As it is NOT allowed to sell prescribed or hand-made products, please ask the clients to make recipes by themselves.

When it is difficult, on request, instructors can make recipes and ask for payments ONLY as raw material costs.

NOTE: NOT allowed to provide, give, or sell recipes from those who instructors have not actually met or talked.

ONLY when met or talked & requested on the phone.

【Questions and/or Consultations】

*Asking as much as possible would turn out to be a lot of mutual benefit on both sides.

To be simply expected, try to find out the answers by yourself for your own benefit.

Those answers to the questions on Adviser level such as components of essential oils and pharmacological effects that those possess would be leaned by those who have gone through Adviser Course.

Those questions, unclarified points and issues, etc. derived from textbooks and/or attending regular courses should be ASKED whenever aroused!


Feb 2017   What Instructors Should Know.

Credibility amongst Learners and Instructors = Relationship of Trust between Members

JMAA emphasizes on equality of learners.

JMAA emphasizes of a sense of openness on all the information it possesses.

JMAA standsalways on leaner’s position and keeps a deliberate manner to be careful with orders for the learner to obtain particular information of Medical Aromatherapy.


Fast-talking means manifestation of anxiety.

Manifestation of anxiety is also shown in those instructors who do allow questions.

Secondary instructors are often criticized.

Instructors of the first class often utilize comparisons for students to make decisions.

First-class instructors read students’ minds.

Medical Aromatherapy is an academic discipline with a knowledge and clinical experiences well recognized by professional therapeutists.

Non-academic discipline cannot be admired by true professionals of therapy.

We do not consider instructors those who are promoting pyramid scheme businesses.

The school also with a rental space business to the third person or party do not have the future as it has already been a sign of failure of its main purpose as a school.

It is a sign that its business has not been going well.

Salespersons with tendency to often mention “Because it is good” as a reason are considered third-rated.

“Said to be good.” “used to be said.” “popular overseas.” or “It was good to myself.” are the phrases of those third-rated instructors.

Issues of pyramid scheme and reasons for JMAA to forbid the same types of business.

Limited academic scheme but strong motivation for money.

Belief in the idea of monetarily merit through the purchase by an introducer and the following introducers.

Tendency to act for their own benefits without considering others.

Type of business relying on peoples’ relation would not allow continued success but continue to make victims.

Those instructors with this type of business are not trusted by the society.

Trust in the society is the most important issue for us as non-profit organization members.

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